The next generation offline robot programming software based on the powerful technology of Delfoi Robotics. Maximize the potential of your robots with fast, accurate and error-free programming solution.

We do not handle the Robotics OLP product.

One Software For All Processes

Program your robots for various industrial processes such as welding, processing, or spraying using a single software.


Cover processes like Arc welding, Tig welding, Laser welding, spot welding, and riveting.


Covers processes like Grinding, Polishing, Buffing, Sanding, Deburring, Trimming, Plasma Cutting, and Laser Cutting.


Covers processes like Wet Painting, Spray coating, Thermal Spraying, and Cold Spraying

Main Industrial Robot Brands

Program your robots regardless of brand or type. Eliminate the need for multiple software for different brands. Our software supports 17 of the most common robot brands.

Robot Brands

17 Post Processors in one product and more to be added in the future

Robot Controllers

Over 40 robot controller versions including old (legacy) robots and newer models.

Fast, Reliable and Accurate Programs

Generate programs fast in virtual robot cells from anywhere in the world. Let the software validate and optimize programs before sending anything to production to avoid costly errors.


Program robots with quick and simple one-click-programming.

Process Knowledge

Save your programs and re-use them anytime in the future for other projects.