Facilitates the construction of virtual manufacturing equipment
and high precision operation verification and analysis

Visual Components Products offers high return on minimum investment for engineering and business operations of small to medium sized industries.
In fact VC Products are best suited for current industrial world.


01. 3D Layout Configuration

Configure layouts quickly by using simple drag-and-drop & plug-and-play features.

02. eCatalog

Use our eCatalog with over 2,700 pre-defined and ready-to-use components from leading industrial automation brands to create production simulations.

03. Simple Robotics

Define, model, and program your robot behavior with simple and easy-to-use robot teaching tools.

04. Process Modeling

Define and manage the products, processes, and process flows in your layouts with simple, easy, and visual workflows.

05. Statistics

Create, modify, and visualize custom simulation data in the statistics dashboard.

Other Features

CAD File Import

Import CAD models directly into the VC 3D world. Most major file formats and extensions are supported.

PLC Connectivity

Connect simulations with your control system using platform-independent OPC-UA or supported vendor-specific interfaces.

Virtual Reality

Share and experience the simulations in virtual reality.

Export 3D Animation

Easily create and export your 3D simulations as high-quality images and videos up to 4K quality, as interactive 3D PDFs or 2D drawings with BoM.

Visual Components has many more features.

Layout Creation Video


Visual Components products are developed by Visual Components of Finland. Founded in 1999 by a team of simulation experts, it started with a humble goal – to make manufacturing design and simulation technology easy to use and accessible to manufacturing organizations of all sizes. Today, Visual Components is recognized as a global leader in the manufacturing simulation industry and trusted technology partner to many leading brands.

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